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Knowledgebase - Help Topic or Category


From an end user perspective, when looking at the knowledge base.

What the difference between a help topic v a category?




  • Help Topics are a drop down when open a ticket, that are used to define and route tickets to the proper department.

    Categories are logical grouping for KB articles.

    I'm not sure why you're asking this question.  Can you explain what you mean?
  • edited September 2014
    I'll chip in. I think "Help Topics" is a really counter-intuitive name for categorizing requests.  My assumption at the beginning was, "Help Topics" are articles ("topics") that users can access for self-help -- almost the same as FAQs or Knowledge Base topics.  I'd have called them something else.

  • I'm willing bet that this is because your a "newer" osTicket user.  "Help Topics" have existed in osT longer than FAQs or KBs so when it was implemented into the project there really was no comparison between those two features.  Just food for thought I guess. :)
  • Thanks,

    Yes I'm a new user to osticket. The terminology of osticket is perhaps the thing I'm struggling most with.

    I've used many different helpdesk systems.

    We don't have multiple departments to route tickets, they all come to 1 department and get assigned to X agent (usually manually).

    As I understand it every article within OST falls under the banner of an FAQ. FAQs are normally your top 10 or so articles about X topic or subject not everything.

    You would categories an article by a category or tag I.e.. application. service

    Help Topics would be a collection or series of articles i.e. getting started, how to guides.

    Or that's how my brain has been wanting to work.

  • There is something confusing about the two. Knowledgebase issues are grouped into categories, but can be tagged with help topics (and parent help topics). When someone searches the knowledgebase, they are presented with a pulldown to "Browse by Topic," and these are the Help Topics, not the categories. But that "Browse by Topic" feature doesn't even appear to work--selecting a topic doesn't seem to do anything, and I have all of my FAQs tagged to help topics. So why are help topics associated with FAQs?
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