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Auto reply to not authorized email

Hi to all,
lets' say I've set osTicket to accept email only from registered user (I guess it verify the email address) and then create a ticket.
I use IMAP retrieve and move messages to subfolder.
Everything works well but I need to reply to those unregister users with a kind of auto-reply.
Otherwise if an unregistered user send an email the system (osT) just discards it and neither us nor the sender knows anything about it. It should just reply saying that the email will not be processed as he's not registered.

Do u know if it possible?


  • I dont think that there is a way to do that... but if I was trying to I wold play with filters a lot to figure it out.
    As a side note you also haven't told us which version of osTicket your running.
  • Hi Ntozier,
    actually I'm running osTicket (v1.9.4-dpr-75-g4e1ddbe) .
    I thought it was something obviously possible but maybe hard to find the place to set it.
    Maybe it's not normal the way I use osTicket but for sure if u set it as I do u also want a kind of auto-reply for unknown users otherwise their messages are just discarded and nobody knows they wrote asking for assistance.

  • Honestly I haven't' fiddled with filters a whole lot, so it might be possible.  I've pinged the devs with this thread so that they see it and at least take the functionality that you suggest into consideration.  At the very least it might be nice to be able to send a custom reply (canned response) or add an additional email template under Admin panel -> Settings -> Access.
  • Ok, let's see what they say.
    Thanks ntozier!
  • Do u think I'd better open a discussion in "Suggestions and Feedback" ?
    At least I need to understand if it something right as concept so devs would take care about or if I have to find a different solution because my need doesn't make sense for all the others.
  • Just the other day a Filters 2.0 was introduced on the tip of the development branch, so I imagine that the new filters might cover what your looking to do.  You might want to setup a test install and check it out and see.
  • Sorry but I can't find that release...can you point me to there?
  • There hasn't been a new release yet.

    I was referring to a forth coming release.  You can see the feature specific notes at:
  • Hello,

    I have os ticket 1.10rc3 - is it possible to do it by filters on this version?
    If Yes could You tell me how?
  • @kramerek13 please start your own thread if you have a question/issue. This thread is from 2014.
    Closing zombie thread.
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