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Bold written ticket number in ticket list (as staff as client side)


I have some tickets listed in bold, others not, in the tickets list (of client or staff sides). I searched onto the forum and I found that it was answered vs not answered (if I understood well).

But in reality, I don't find what bold meens because some tickets are bold event if answered or not, et others are not bold , event if answered or not.

Sorry for probably stupid question but can I have some precisions please ?

Thanks :)


  • Bold means that they are "unanswered".
  • Hi :)

    When you write unanswered, you mean that is when no staff has answered to client ?
    If yes, I think there is a little bug because for exemple , see tickets page :


    and look ticket #1663 (which is not bold)

    and that has been answered from staff to client .

    Any idea ?
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