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Where do the ticket attachments stored physically?

Where do the ticket attachments stored physically? In database or in file system?

If they are in file system, in which path do they stored?


  • In the mysql database.

    If you like to store them on the filesystem instead, have a look at the plugin called "Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem" available @ under the pulgins tab.

  • if they are in file system means, how can we get path?
  • I guess by looking at the plugin config?! (Note please that I never used the plugin myself, so my answer is maybe wrong)
  • @jeganmmk please do not hijack other peoples threads.
    The path to where you store your files is configured by the person who added the filesystem plugin.
    Closing thread since its from Oct 2014.
  • @ntozier
    Thanks, must have missed that zombie ;)
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