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Ticket view freeze during open a ticket


when I open a new, old or any ticket the whole page is freezing. But if I change the language back to english the system will work great (current language: German)

osticket 1.6 -> 1.9.4

Here my systeminfos, logs and screenshots:
  • PHP Error log
    see attachment
  • Mail Sending: 
    phpMail functions
  • Mail Fetching/Receiving:
    IMAP/S with axigen 8.1.3
  • PHP version
  • Operating System
    Win 2008 R2 x64 Datacenter
  • Client or Staff side of the UI
  • the location - the url or what your clicking on that is causing the problem.
    ticket view




  • I'm not sure what you mean by "freezing".

    There are no errors in your PHP error log (just standards and warnings).

    Have you tried disabling the German language pack and seeing what happens?
  • Sure, with the english language pack the site open without "freezing" only if I change the user language to german.  You can see in the screenshots the loadingbar on top. site is loading and freeze so the whole site is grayed out and i cant click on anything. additionally all bottom tabs are showing at the same time.
  • So then the problem is the german language pack.
    Are you using the most current one?
  • edited November 2014
    I upgraded my system yesterday so the language pack should be up2date? But I can try to download it again.
    "Last Built October 27th, 2014"

    SyntaxError: missing : after property id

    maxfilesize: 0,25,

    with FR and DE language pack tested = same error and freeze

  • edited November 2014
    Ok, the comma is the problem. i changed it hard into class.forms.php to: "maxfilesize: 0.25," and it works now but this is not the solution. I think this is a comma / dot problem during calculation. Server is german so the comma is the default seperator.

    "maxfilesize: <?php echo ($config['size'] ?: 1048576) / 1048576; ?>,"

    I fixed it now with str_replace but .... i dont know^^
  • Hi,
    I'm facing the very same issue on v 1.10. Can you please tell me step by step how you fixed it? I need to do the same in order for it to work.
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