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german mail template


i installed the version 1.9.4 with the german language, bbut the email templates are still in english, is this normal?



  • Hi there,

    what exactly did you do:

    A) Installed a fresh osTicket with German as the primary language and English as secondary language

    B) Installed a fresh osTicket with English as primary language, but also with German as secondary language

    C) Added only the german language (de.phar) to an existing (english) osTicket

    Just asking, because only A) is the way you can currently get the email templates in german.
    If you did B) or C) the templates will be in English.

  • i have updated my old osticket to the new one. i added the de.phar in the folder and selected german in the update menue

    there no chance to get the german language in the email template?
  • Yes there is a chance, but not thru the de.phar.

    Let me first add some words about multilanguage support:
    Since multilanguage is not yet fully implemented (currently phase 2 of 4) I guess it will be possible in the future (phase 3 or 4), but currently it is not possible to get the german email templates thru the de.phar without re-installing

    To get the templates without re-installing do the following:
    1. Download the translation files from this page:
    2. Extract the zip file and look at this folder: "de \ templates \ email"
    3. There are 13 files inside the folder. Every file contains one of the 13 german email templates. To open the german email template files and get the templates itself, just use a text editor (e.g. notepad++)
    4. In osTicket you should now create your own template
    5. Open every file, copy the message (body & subject) from the file to the corresponding osTicket email template into the html editor view   <>    inside osTicket and save the template.
    6. Voila you have now the officially translated german email templates in your osTicket installation.

    Falls etwas unklar ist oder es noch Fragen gibt, kannst du mich gerne auch via privater Nachricht kontaktieren.

  • @Chefkeks - thanks for providing the workaround. The ability to translate administratively defined content (e.g help topics, departments, email templates..etc) will come with Phase 3 of our translation effort.

  • In version 1.10 this function is still missing.
    We run a multi-Language helpdesk and it is not professional to send email in languages different than the one the Customer uses.
    Any idea of implementing time?
  • edited January 2017
    @Clashmage please do not hijack another thread, open one of your own and at least reference this one if need be. All issues seem the same but can end up being completely different.

    I would also provide more details than just your OSTicket version. Knowing your setup is ideal for one to be able to assist you.

    Also, did you download the language packs from the website? They have been updated since Jan 3rd I believe.
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