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Sending mail in html (CKEditor)

Hello everyone

I have the following problem,

I installed CKEditor which is doing very well.

I added only


<script src = "//"> </ script>

and the

<script type = "text / javascript">

CKEDITOR.replace ('body');

</ script>

and e fine.

I'm dealing to design HTML email templates.

the problem I have is that when an email is generated automatically, this will make up ... on the front all the HTML

as I can send this template to HTML and displayed correctly ??

thank you very much,





  • What version of osTicket are you running and how much customized is your osTicket installation?

    Just asking, because the latest osticket version (1.9.4) supports HTML emails and many other new feature out of the box, so you should consider upgrading (when possible - depends on how you customized your osTicket).
  • It is version 1.7 and the only customization that has 100% is the translation to Spanish (Chile).

    There is more current than this 100% is Spanish (Spain, mexico, etc) version ??

    download the version 1.9 and a package of language .phar but with my user level did not know how to install this extencion left in Spanish.

    andiminstardor panel no matter if it is in English but what the user sees is important that this in Spanish. version 1.9 may achieve this ??
  • edited December 2014
    Multilanguage support is splitted into several phases.
    Phase 2 (of 4) was finished with 1.9.4, which means the osTicket interface is translated into several languages (e.g. German, Spanish, ...) and you can add languages to view osTicket in Spanish or any other language that is available, but there are still some steps to go with phase 3 (where we currently are) and phase 4. So apart from interface translation some things like email templates translations or form translations or custom translations are not yet possible thru language pack and will come with the phases 3 and 4 (see pull request for phase 3 here:

    So version 1.9.4 does support languages packs and spanish, but you should may set up a test environment to see if it fits your needs. You can grab the latest osticket and language pack from here:
  • whether through cpanel (softaculous)
    will install the version:
    Version: 1.9.4 Release Date: 10/27/2014

    and placing the es_ES.phar has left me the option of Spanish, but refresh the site still appears in English.

    the osTicket-1.8 / multilanguage version is for testing or stable?

    I appreciate your feedback

  • Before upgrading you should make a backup of your database and also the osTicket installation directory.

    1.9.4 is the stable version with multi-language support, but as mentioned, some features are not yet implemented, since the multilingual effort is at phase 3 of 4 / has completed phase 2.

    Usually every user on the client portal is able to switch the language. There are some little flags at the upper right corner and set a personal preferred / default language und his/her profile, but when my history is correct, it is not yet possible to define a primary language for the whole system.
  • I have moved this thread to Mods and Customizations section of the forums.
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