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No alert is sent to the user when the staff closes a ticket.

I found that there is no alert sent to the user when a staff closes a ticket. How can I set up osTicket to create such an alert?

Thank you!


  • You cannot.
    There is no "Close ticket alert".

    What you can do is use a canned response (or write something) and tick the close on reply box.
  • I have the same wish. In version 1.7.x i found a mod that worked very well. 

    Not sure how it will work in 1.9.4 since i installed it a couple of hours ago.
  • does this mod work in 1.9.4. I fear if this feature isn't avaiable I won't be using osticket
  • Mods generally do not function between versions with out tweaking.
    That thread was started in Sept 2012 and for an old version, so to answer your question, I doubt it.
  • Then is this a closed alert avaiable in the new version
  • Hi @ntozier

    Upgraded to 1.9.4 (latest) yesterday. "Close on reply" is no longer visible. Is this a setting in any way? Or has it been removed? 
  • @laabak:
    Please do not hijack other peoples threads.
    I use this feature daily personally.  Its been changed to a drop down box where you select the desired status of the ticket. You would also want to make sure that your user accounts group has "Can Close" permissions.
    Admin panel -> Agents -> Groups -> Your group -> Can Close Tickets (enabled).

  • I am closing this thread since the thread owner hasn't responded since opening it.
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