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Forms and Lists


I have install osticket 1.9.3 on centos 5.9 final.

I have added custom fields in Ticket Form in that custom fields I have added custom drop down and its items from lists page.
Now I can not understand Extra — abbreviations and such  and properties option.

So any one guide me to understand that options.

Thank You


  • abbreviations is a "short name" (or abbreviation) for the option. (It's not required)

  • Thanks For your reply ntozier

  • As I told I added custom fields in Ticket Form , State and City drop down list.

    Now is this possible to display city state wise when client choose state than system only display city of that states .?

    example: we have three state A, B , C and Five cities 1,2,3,4,5

    state  city
    A         1
    A         2
    B         3
    B         4
    C         5

    Than if user select state "A" than he can only see two cities "1" and "2".

    If this can possible than please guide me how to configure..

    Thank You
  • Regarding your second request: Unfortunately this is currently not possible.
  • Thanks For your reply Chefkeks.
  • can you guide me how to do this by editing code?

    can you give me files name in which custom form code is written..?
  • My guess would be \include\class.dynamic_forms.php
    But I haven't really dug into making a change like that.
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