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Merging tickets

Is there anyway to merge and append tickets to an existing ticket? We have  issue when people reply and the subject changes or anything of that matter and it creates a new ticket. Is there anyway we can simply merge them. I am not seeing this option any where.

Thank You


  • This has been suggested often. It is not currently a feature. You may want to find that existing suggestion and voice your support there. Hopefully, if there's enough support, the developers will take note.

    I've had good success appending emails to existing tickets by forwarding them to my osTicket system and adding [#<ticketnumber>] in the subject line. But that won't help with you have two existing tickets that you'd like to merge.

  • Just saw your post thanks i will give it a try. 
  • I want to add my vote to add this as a feature to mainline osTicket.  Please :)!
  • edited April 2017
    Hi @LeoG, I believe there is a pull request already setup for this, so it should be implemented into OSTicket in the near future. This is a two year old thread, I will be closing this. Any further help, please open a new thread.
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