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Make the knowledgebase require logon

edited June 2014 in General Discussions

Is it possible to make the knowledgebase only be accessible when clients are logged in? I have looked for a setting/solution but no luck so far.

I realise that I could remove the links from the client pages but I guess that would not be secure at all.

In our case all users (employees) will have to log in in order to create and view tickets and since the knowledgebase might include some information we would like to not be public knowledge it has to be accessible only to employees.

The version I am currently running (still in testing/setup phase) is 1.9.1.



  • Quoting myself:
    You can configure your webserver that if someone is trying to access (knowledge base is there if I remember right, can't verify now) a login is required with a valid AD username and password. It's not a solution within osticket, but (if osticket runs on your own server) may works out for you ;)
  • Thank you for the reply!

    Unfortunately this solution will not work for us as many of our users in the field I believe do not have AD. There are also some sub-contractors, meaning different companies, that I would like to be able to access this.
  • Hello
    Have you found a solution , I am looking for the same thing

  • Guess you then need to set up another database or something else (login mechanisms) by your web server to check for valid users (e.g. .htaccess) since osTicket does not restrict access to the knowledge base. The suggestion above was just a hint in the direction that you need to do it on the web server since osTicket does not support it.
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