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Is it possible for collaborators to receive new ticket notification?

I just found that, when a user submits a new ticket, either by email or by log into the web interface, only the user receives an email notification on the creation of the new ticket. Collaborators (of the same organization) do not receive this notification email. Is there any way to have collaborators also receive the initial notification email? This is to avoid multiple tickets of the same issue to be submitted from different users of the same organization, because they don't know if any other user has submitted the ticket on that issue.

As a side note, notifications of subsequent updates of the tickets are sent to all collaborators via email. This is great.

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion in advance!



  • edited February 2015
    Unfortunately I never noticed if the initial new ticket email is only send to the ticket owner and/or the collaborators as well or not.

    So I will test it next week ;)
  • Just curious where this stands. Would like the functionality of collaboration on ticket creation also.
  • edited September 2016
    Is there any solution for this? I'm interested too.
  • I'm not aware of any movement to implement this.
    But I agree it would be nice...
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