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OST 1.9.3 ticket lockout

I'm having issues with OST.  When other staff view a ticket and they leave it, it still shows them as having the ticket locked and they have to log out for that to change.  I take it there must be some timer setting for a user to control a ticket, is there a way of changing it so once a staff member leaves the ticket is then freed?


  • The label may have changed between 1.9.3 and 1.9.5.x but in current its at:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Agent Collision Avoidance Duration:

    In older versions (like 1.8.x) its called:
    Ticket Auto-lock Time same location.
  • Notozier thanks so much, for some reason it was set to 360 Minutes! Is that by default?  I've disabled it anyway since we always have more then one person working on the same ticket it's easier that way.  Thanks for that.
  • osTicket ships with a default lock time of 3 minutes -- which gets auto-renewed as the agent types a response. Disabling agent collision avoidance is a bad idea, in my opinion. 

    We addressed a bug in v1.9.5 where the lock didn't get removed when the user navigates away from the ticket. Which i think addresses your original question.
  • edited January 2015
    Sorry for abusing this discussion a little bit, but related to agent collision avoidance we had a talk about that yesterday since it happened that my colleague and I responded at the same time (he was just 10-15 seconds quicker than me) but none of us noticed the lock on the ticket since (I guess) we opened the ticket at nearly the same time.

    To avoid such really rare (but possible) double responses, we thought it might be a good idea to implement kind of a check to verify that nothing changed on the ticket thread before the reply / internal note etc. is written to the database / goes out to the end user and if something changed, then display a banner / popup box that a new message was appended to the ticket thread and tell the agent to reload the ticket (or do it automatically for him/her). So basically the same like you sometimes see it on some forum software when you want to respond and a new answer was posted while you typed your response.

    Hope you understand what I mean ;)
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