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how to add captcha in new ticket form?

hello i am using ost1.6.0. Anybody can explain a step by step process to enable captcha? 


  • OsTicket 1.6. is really outdated, you should consider an upgrade to the latest version. Beside that I have no idea where to start for captcha integration. That said, in newer versions captcha is already implemented ;)
  • 1.6 had captchas also.  IIRC it was in Admin panel -> Settings -> Captcha or Settings -> Tickets Captcha.
    IT wasn't very good though... I remember shutting it off because it caused problems.  And btw, 1.6 is end of life.  You should really upgrade.
  • For the upgrade, i am encouting some errors, i have posted in your forum. But there was no response.
  • You have 7 discussions here on the forums.
    EVERY thread that you have ever opened has received at least 1 response.
    So I have no idea what your talking about.
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