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Resolved or Closed Ticket Alert

Would like an automatic alert sent to team members when a ticket is closed or resolved.


  • I don't feel like its needed.
    Since you can do an update, and change the status of the ticket at the same time.
    Canned responses make this trivial.
  • You could still make it an option.
  • It's already an option (as I described).
  • I guess I don't understand. When I close (or resolve) a ticket, the other members of our support team are not notified automatically that the ticket is closed (or resolved). Am I missing something? They are all notified when one is created, so where do I click or choose to let them all know the ticket is closed?
  • We always use the "Post Reply" tab so the ticket creator knows that the issue has been resolved.
  • We are also facing same issue. Please help
  • I wasn't aware it was supposed to notify you.  But, I don't get notified.  I am thinking it isn't that difficult to change, though (famous last words).

    I selected a canned response and closed the ticket at the same time.  I did not receive a close notice.  I know that some systems do that, some don't, so it is understandable.  Plus someone can keep that closed ticket to prove they were told something was closed or if they need it for other proof, maybe an evaluation for promotion or something.
  • I have something in the works ...a plugin but I hit snag when a ticket is closed it sends two responses because of some bug in 1.10rc2 once I find a way around that I am releasing.
  • any update about this mod?
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