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Unable to save attachments

I have noticed on our osticket that attachments aren't being added to tickets.  Even though they are in the accepted attachment list a .doc file is not saving.  My question is if other attachments of the e-mail may be banned does it block all attachments?

If not, why are these errors happening, I don't see any logs in apache as to why this would happen I have enabled larger attachment sizes in php more then 2MB but even so the collective attachments are under 2MB so it's not the issue.

Any help to diagnose this problem would be appreciated


  • version of osTicket?
    are you using the Storage :: attachmemts on the filesystem or storing attachments in the db?

    Q: My question is if other attachments of the e-mail may be banned does it block all attachments?
    A: I dont know.

    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • I set a tag at the bottom of my post OsTicket 1.9.3

    The attachments are on the database as we haven't installed the plugin for the file system.

    I actually just checked the attachments and both txt and doc are accepted attachments to come in so this is quite weird why it's not accepting them.

    PHP 5.3 , MySQL 5.1
    Staff side of the UI
    OS: ClearOS (RHEL 6)
    Mail fetching: IMAP (Zarafa server using gateway)
    No PHP errors during that day when I got the ticket.
  • Well for starters you should probably upgrade since is current.

    If you go to: Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Attachments -> Config.
    What do you have for settings like "Restrict by File Type"

  • Upgrading to latest version of OsTicket isn't always ideal it took us a while just to upgrade from 1.8.3 a few months ago as we have some custom settings due to API/Plugins not being to a place where we can make them yet for OsTicket.

    I don't have a Config section but I do have allowed attachments lower in the ticket section under attachments.  These are the allowed attachments:

  • Sorry your using an older version that I no longer have a setup for.  The reason that attachments were changed from that to the new way was to allow greater control over what was allowed and how it works.  You might have encountered the reason why it was changed.
  • I will chase up my boss about upgrading the OsTicket to the latest version, hopefully that will improve the attachment stability a bit.   Will update this post once it's done it will take a little while to do so (scheduling in etc). 

    I did want to ask a question about plugin/api support but I need to get the actual information from my boss first to ask your team about it.
  • Okay.  I'll leave this thread open so that you can just update it later. :)
  • @ntozier we have updated to however we seem to be having the issue still.  It's more refined however, it's a noticeable problem for image files: .png, .jpg, .jpeg

    Have you encountered this issue before?
  • I haven't personally had this issue.
    Are .doc working now?
    Do you have fileinfo extension loaded in your php.ini?

  • Yes I haven't had any issues with docs so far since we have upgraded it seems to just be images.  The fileinfo.ini file is in php.d/ folder in /etc/
  • We have the same issue, but it is intermittent, we are on 1.9.8
  • Please don't hijack a 2 year old thread. Open your own discussion.

    Also, 1.9.8 is pretty old at this point.
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