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Ticket re-assignment behavior.

Ver 1.7.12

Ticket is opened by staff under DEP A and assigned to Agent 1 in DEP B.

Agent 1 in DEP B re-assigns the ticket to Agent 2 from DEP C.

At that time Agent 1 from DEP B can no longer see the ticket.

Is this the normal behavior? Our Agent 1 wants to be able to still see the progress of the ticket.



  • if a ticket is assigned to a department, and the agent does not have access to set department they lose the ability to see the ticket.

    you could utilize a team and assign the ticket to that team. that way multiple departments can work on interview the same ticket.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    We do also use teams and in that case agents from different departments can still see the tickets.
  • I'm told that there is a forthcoming feature that will allow agents to subscribe to tickets so that they can follow them even after they've been assigned away. I do not know what the future is called I don't know when it's going to be implemented. But one of the devs posted here on the forums about it awhile ago.
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