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Keyword Search not working

Regularly use Keyword Search but not sure when the last time I used this but now notice any keyword does not bring results - even if the keyword is sitting in a subject line in the open list. The advanced options such as closed ticket by work (as long as the keyword is blank). Same issue in both Chrome and Firefox. Bizarre!   Any suggestions please?
osTicket (v1.9.4)


  • I don't follow you exactly. Can you provide a better description of the issue, maybe some additional screenshots and also some more info about your setup?
  • edited December 2014
    I have the same issue with 1.9.4 and it has been a real handicap.

    I'm not 100 percent certain but I believe this is the error associated with it that I get in my error logs:

    Maybe see if you have the same error?

    My backups got hit by a perfect storm of me procrastinating + VSS service stopping so I can't go back to 1.9.3.

    Certainly hoping someone finds a fix for this.

  • I do not get any db error logs. (Dashboard System Logs)
    It'll search ok only with exact email addresses but as originally noted, even if the keyword is included in a subject line in the open list it cant event find that, reporting  "There are no tickets matching your criteria".

  • You would want to check your actual logs (PHP).
    It's possible that the devs changed something.
    You might want to see if someone has opened a bug report on Github about this.
  • I am having the same issue. Have upgraded to but the problem is still there. Having the same error as @BenevolentD The error was DB Error #1062

    Wondering whether this will be fixed soon :(
  • Each update I hope the search has been fixed - but 1.9.6 the search still cant even find a key word in a subject line let alone search the body of a ticket??  Is this something unique to me or is this common?
  • ps - i have two installations of ost - one for testing and one live - same problem in both
  • edited March 2015
    per previous request here's a screen shot of issue

  • Works for me.

    going to search for this closed ticket.


    finds 16 items.
    Click on View.

  • Thanks for confirming it does work  ntozier - I would have been quite surprised if this was a common problem and it gone on for this long.

    Any suggestions how I could find out why mine doesn't work - both on my working site and a copy of it on another site for testing?
  • I haven't the foggiest idea why it wouldn't be working for you. Maybe its a database setting or something... my installation is really old [read was a 1.6rc install initially].  Are you seeing any Mysql errors?
  • I am not aware of any Mysql errors. I had wondered if there was some database setting that's not compatible with ost - everything else seems to work fine though
  • Is there anyone you would suggest I could get advise from to resolve this issue please?
  • Since neither ntozier nor I seem to have an idea what could cause the problem and how to solve it, it shall be mentioned that (apart from the free community support here) there is also the option to contact the paid support when you really want / need this issue to be fixed:
  • @greezybacon made patch for few bugs in search (for me it worked):

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