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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Call for plugin ideas!



  • - Survey after closing the ticket
    - More reporting function
    - Can manage list of list
  • I think this has all been said before... but if more people show an intrest...

    • better Reporting
    • Merge tickets
    • Time tracking for pay as you go or times customers
    • skinning / theme
    • Mobile devices (bootstrap)
    Thanks guys/gals
    keep up the good work!!
  • I have wrote JIRA REST API plugin for OsTicket, but it requires custom modifications to the code because there is no hooks and the output html is not editable before flush.
  • If you needed ivr, sms, ip system for this call for plugin system. Fonebell Communications can assist you to make relation with your customer. For more assistant, visit
  • Below a list of what I absolutely find mandatory for a ticket system and not available on osTicket: - Ticket Linking or merging - Ticket Status customization - Tracking time tool What can be improved: - Data export - Statistics (not enough in current osTicket) - osTicket Customization improvement And what is not mandatory to live but can be a pleasure to have: - Chatter functionality
    I released a mod for 1.6 with ticket linking and categorization. I swear I will eventually find some time and port it as a plugin now that the eco system in here.
  • I would love the ability to restrict some knowledge base articles to some users only. 
    For example users with SLA X can see only articles written for users that are on that SLA. 
  • Another plugin which I'd argue should be in core is the ability to have a banner on the main screen. I'd propose that the banner be used to post outages so your end users know there is an issue. In the new 1.10RC system what would be perfect is if there was an option for a user to click a button right from the banner and add themselves as a task to that outage.A 1-click option.
  • I would like to see a plugin to place the osTicket user forms in WordPress or to integrate it with WordPress. I've tried many of the WordPress support plugins and they are often too simple or way too complicated with poor usability for both configuration and users. Often a standard support feature is a pay option for what they call their Pro version. 
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