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Internal Activity Alerts after ticket has been closed

Noticed new behavior after upgrading to 1.9.7, and not sure if I should report it at github as a bug.

We have an admin that will go into closed tickets and randomly select them for a follow-up survey using a canned response. He sends the survey to the user, but does not reopen the ticket, and prior to upgrading to 1.9.7, the agents were never aware of this unless they happened to go into a closed ticket and saw it in the ticket thread. 

Since upgrading to 1.9.7, it seems the new Internal Activity Alert is notifying the agents of the activity on the ticket even though it remains closed. This isn't ideal in our scenario. 

And it appears that agents still do not have access to any ticket from a department they do not belong to, even if they had access to it as a member of a team when it was open. So it seems that with the change, they could be getting internal activity alerts on tickets they may not even still have access to anyway since they are closed, and therefore considered not assigned?

osTicket Version v1.9.7 (4be5782)
Web Server Software Microsoft-IIS/7.5
MySQL Version 5.5.39
PHP Version 5.5.23


  • edited April 2015
    Also not sure if this shall be reported over at github as bug, but reading the release notes clearly reveals the new setting ;)

    •Internal activity alert, replacing the internal note alert, includes alerts of responses made by other agents (#1865)

    Pull request #1865:
  • Yes I recognize it as a new setting in the release notes, but I guess what I am asking then is, should this be considered half broken since either Agents should not get alerts on closed tickets they can no longer access, or Agents should be able to see closed tickets on which they were once assigned?

    For example, and Agent is a member of the Support department and a Support Team as well, and a ticket for the Sales department is assigned to the Support Team to address a user question. The agent can see the ticket from the department through team membership even though he does not belong to the Sales department. 

    Once the ticket is closed, he can no longer view the ticket in his closed tickets because from what I understand, closed tickets are considered unassigned. *side note that we would love agents to be able to see these tickets after they are closed lol*

    Now someone from the Sales department follows up with more information for the user on the closed ticket, but does not reopen it. The Support Team agents would get the activity alert but not be able to see what was added to the ticket. 

  • For me this makes no sense too, so I would recommend to open a bug / issue report over at github, so the developers get aware of that issue and can provide a fix, especially when the agent can no longer access the ticket through any circumstances / settings made.
  • Thanks @Chefkeks for confirming for me that this is strange behavior (and for everything else you do in the forums). I have reported it over at github.

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