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Turkish Characters

I don't see Turkish Characters on osTicket 1.6 RC5.Help me pls.


  • Help me please...
  • same problem

    I have same problem.. How can we set it up for Turksh nation? UTF-8?

    Please be urgently..
  • See here

    Hello I had same problems. I have found the solution in Forum

    edit //include/pear/Mail/mime.php, and replace ISO-8859-1 by UTF-8 around line 187


    'html_charset' => 'UTF-8',
    'text_charset' => 'UTF-8',
    'head_charset' => 'UTF-8'

    See here (Buraya bakınız:)
  • I have fixed the extended characters problem (spanish áéíóúñ), creating a .htaccess file in the root directory of osticket with:

    php_value default_charset UTF-8

    It only works with Apache servers with the "AllowOverride" set to "All".
  • Thanks

    Thanks for the tip with .htaccess. "default_charset" is not set in our php.ini (as recommended by PHP, isn't it). Setting it in .htaccess and setting "AllowOverRide Options" in the Apache config helped.

    Changing "pear/Mail/mime.php" seemed to have no effect here!?

  • Can anyone send .htaccess file contents please?
  • This thread is from 2010.
    Killing the zombie thread with a head shot.
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