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Ticket Scheduler

(I know poctob has this in his sights with his Equipment Plugin) but thought it might be a handy feature for non asset work..

An ability for osTicket to generate internal tickets on either a regular interval or calendar. When the applicable calendar day clicks over the ticket with predefined info would appear.
For example it might be nice to schedule a follow up call for intermittent faults, end of warranty services, or follow ups.

But my main purpose for this feature would be a wave of tickets for equipment calibrations and or preventative maintenance visits.
I have used other unrelated software for recurring bookings, and it worked well. You gave it the number of bookings (tickets in this case) to create, and the frequency. So for quarterly calibration reminders I'd set 12 as the number and 3 months as the frequency. osTicket would  then generate tickets itself of a pre defined help topic on those days for the next 3 years on that schedule. 

They would automagically appear and demand attention.

It just occurred to me a workaround that might also work. I use a gmail account for receiving emailed ticket requests. All I'd need to do is create events in that system emails calendar and set email reminders to be sent on that day. The reminder would get snapped up by osticket and present as a ticket...
FYI there is a google forms plugin that can generate calendar entries based on google form entries. 
Plugging all this together you could enter data into a form (perhaps via knowlegebase / FAQ link) which would in turn populate a system email account. osTicket would poll the account, collect the calendar reminder and convert it into a new ticket.

If all this could be wrapped into osTicket that'd be much easier to maintain! 
I always loved lego. Plugging together various online services kinda reminds me of lego!


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