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CLI manage.php deploy, no exclusions on windows?

if i try to deploy on windows, the exclusions (.git, setup ..) doesnt work at all.
os: windows 7.
terminal: git bash, or cmd
is it only by me the problem?


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    Please download the installer from
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    Edited your post since the URL was incorrect.

    Update: Ok, just noticed redirects to :D
  • Oops.  What did I type?
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    Update - see my post above ;)
  • sorry, for too few information.
    i have cloned the git project.
    develop on it.
    and call "php.exe -f manage.php deploy installfolder" form commandline
    after this script the installfolder has setup and .git directories in it, although they should be excluded.

    the problem was backslashes on windows, in the pattern. e.g.  fnmatch("C:\wwwroot\osticket\setup", "C:\wwwroot\osticket\setup") returns false, because of "\" in the pattern.
    i opened an issue for it:

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