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How to develop with you having local running version

what i want:
use your git version (running on server), extend it for my client, and update by your repo sometimes.
+ Push (pull request) sometimes some general features i implemented to your repo.
I am just not sure about the workflow.

i have clonned the git repo.
for first run i can use cli? like manage.php deploy -s folder?
and what to do later?
i implement some changes, deploy it with the cli same way without -s
i pull your changes to my local git, deploy it to production? Whats about database? where to update the changes there?
Is there some kind of "how to" develop + keep running production version, or update production with git develop version?


  • You would want to talk to @Peter and @Jared about that.
  • cant they just write some kind of guide ? here?
  • They have posted several time on the topics, I imagine that search might yield some results on how they do it.
    Personally I keep separate trees on my server to test between.  I do not upgrade from git however since the devs have said that they generally want people to use the download file from the website and wish that they could disable the git download option.
  • @ntozier is correct.

    Personally I'd also recommend to talk with Peter and Jared about that - either here via the forum or better over at github where the code resides. My advice is to try to get code changes as well as database changes done in a way that you can push them to the osTicket repo as pull requests. Based on the quality of your changes and what is planned to be included in future version and the feedback from Jared and Peter, some of your changes will then may get implemented and some not. Only thing you should make sure is that you don't mix too many features / changes in one pull request - so make a separate pull request for each improvement and not one huge pull request for a lot of changes.

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