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Removing footer from login.php

edited May 2015 in osTicket v1.9.x
I can see the source code that shows in the scp/login.php file - however when I view the file i can't ever find anything that references this. I've checked every footer.php file I can find, but not having much luck. Any help is appreciated. I would like to remove it so that it is not a click-able link off my site. 

<div id="copyRights">
Copyright &copy;

<a href='' target="_blank"></a></div>



  • edit \include\staff\
  • thanks for the comment. i have checked that file, and it is edited. i've restarted web services. still shows -
  • "ntozier" is correct.  The footer you have referenced above is in "/include/staff/".  Please Note... This footer is different from the footer in "/include/client/".

        <div id="footer">
            Copyright &copy; 2006-<?php echo date('Y'); ?>&nbsp;<?php echo (string) $ost->company ?: ''; ?>&nbsp;All Rights Reserved.
  • thanks for the replies. both footers /include/staff and /include/client have been changed, and the /scp/login.php file still shows as the picture. i've even tried it in chrome, firefox and IE just verifying i'm not seeing old cache. i'm not sure what else to check.
  • Then its sounds to me like you either use a caching system on the server, or you did it in the wrong place.
  • isnt it considered bad practice to remove copyright footer?
  • I personally think so...
  • osTicket is licensed under GNU/GPL:, please read the licence terms and most of your questions are answered here:

    You have to leave all copyright notices in the source code untouched, you can change all files to your needs. You must release your modified version under the same GNU/GPL licence. So you can receive some money for support, download, hosting etc. but not for the code itself.

    I didn't found in the licence and the faq of osTicket no hint, that is not allowed to remove this visible links to osticket. In my understanding you can do it. But if you are not sure, ask the core team. Maybe it would be helpful from the core team to add this to the faqs. So in future any irritations are easy to solve.

    Best regards,
  • The screenshot referenced above doesn't look like Rather, it is probably the link found in


    However, I"m running 1.9.11, so it may be different in whichever version Jürgen is using.

  • As for actually removing the copyright notice, yes you can--the license does not
    prohibit it.

    What Energy and ntozier were probably meaning (and I concur), is that it is a bad practice to take the free software, and remove
    the attribution.  In some people's eyes (ok, maybe just mine. Perhaps I'm projecting here) it tends to move you out of the freeloader category and into the jerk category.
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