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Using osTicket as a Job Queue System?

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a Prestashop website for my shop.  I'm hoping that I can integrate a job queue ticket system so my customers can log in and see what position their job it in.

Does anyone feel that osTicket can do this?

The needs are very simple... A customer sends in a job, we enter the job in osTicket, that job is placed in osTicket's queue.  The customer can hopefully log in and see what position their work is in line (hopefully using their prestashop account).

It's honestly simple...  the only information that is needed to be inputted is:

Customer Name
Customer's Job Description
Customer being able to log in and see what position their job is in (example: "you are 35th in line now, up from 3 positions last week")

There won't really be any need for messages or anything like that, I'm assuming some notes can be entered in that the customer can see.

Thank you for any help or suggestions with this...



  • Generally speaking unless you use Organizations, users (clients) would not be able to see other users (clients) tickets.  So they would have no way of know where in the queue they are.

    You could do something like this:

    note: its a little out dated as I never updated it for 1.9.x.
  • Hi, this is all I'm trying to do...

    Customer logs in to their shopping cart on our Prestashop site, and an info box shows up on the side of the website (that wouldn't normally show up for general customers purchasing items).  That info box only shows up for customers who have sent work to us.  In that info box, it would say "you are ## in line, up from ## since last week"

    So you are saying that this piece that you made for osTicket might be what I'm looking for?

    I don't mind that it may not work on the latest version, just as long as there are no security issues...

    What do you charge for custom code if you offer it?

    Thank you,

  • I don't charge anything for it. However If you found it useful and wanted to donate for my time there is a short blurb on my site in the right hand column about how to donate.

    Doing what your describing with just a number in line might be even easier since it would just be a sql query or two.
  • PM sent, thanks again.

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