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Searching a ticket not working when logged in as a guest user

Search query does not working when logged in as a guest user.Please help me to sort out out the problem.Is there any query to edit in or any code to change to get it working? If any keyword is placed in the textbox just like i have placed a ticket number in the textbox in the attached picture to search it, it returns the whole table beacuse the search keyword textbox is not working at all for any keyword given.

My osticket version is v1.9.4 (c18eac4).
Please give any solution asap.


  • Last I checked Guests can only see the one ticket that they accessed the system to view...
    1.9.4 is also old you should upgrade.
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    Is there any other solution without upgrading the ticket system.Please let us know.It will be no issue to edit or change any code or query in the ticket system.Please help.
  • My recommendation is that you have them not be guests and have them register for an account if they want to see their other tickets.  This would require no code changes.  It would also not require stripping out security from the product.  I wouldn't even know where to begin to do that.
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    I upgraded the osticket into the latest version but the problem still persists.Its a bug of your ticket system which is yet not been resolved in the latest version.

    Please test and give proper solution if you can.
  • Negative.
    I repeat: Guests can only see the one ticket that they accessed the system to view.
    They cannot see more than that.

    I repeat: have them register for an account if they want to see their other tickets.
    This is the only solution.

    This is not a bug.  It is working as designed intended security.
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    Guests are already registered [Active (Registered)] for an account of themselves and they have their own tickets which they can view by logging into the ticket system.They can view each and every ticket either it is closed or open or of any status.But they are complaining they cannot search any ticket via entering any keyword.The customers are getting furious because they have a lot of  tickets and cannot search any old ticket of themselves.Even i tested by creating an account of myself and have created ten to twelve tickets.But the the search box is not working to find any ticket by giving any keyword.Even if i search a ticket by a ticket number that i have created earlier it is not working.I can see the ticket number listed but when i am searching by the ticket number it returns the nothing.
  • If they are "registered" then they are not guests.
    Guests are people who go to the site and do not log in.
    So... I'm not real sure what you mean.
    Can you provide a screen shot or two showing us what your talking about?
  • Yes you are right previously they were guests but we have registered each and every one of them.Now they are Active[registered] users.Even if the new users who are registering nowadays cannot search their tickets after logging in to their respective accounts.

    I repeat any Active[Registered] user cannot search any ticket after log in to their respective accounts.Any keyword given for searching returns the whole table.

    Please have a look at the two snapshot attached.
  • Try searching for something in the Subject or Body. (ie not the ticket number)
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