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add form and attach to the ticket

you can add forms and attach to the ticket

I wish the new form I link my ticket created


  • edited May 2015
    This is one of several discussions you started, but again I don't know what you are actually trying to say or request here?!

    For the future please provide more info (and not just 2 short sentences) so we can better assist you and also take a look at the following topic:

  • "you can add forms and attach to the ticket"

    Yes you can.

    I wish the new form I link my ticket created"

    View the ticket.  Edit the ticket.  Populate the form.  View the ticket.

  • the problem is that form fields They not are saved to the database
  • I do not begin to know how to make heads or tails of that statement.

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms.
    Your forms are here.
    They are saved in the Database.

    If you mean the values that you populate are not saved those are too.
    View any ticket that has saved values. (like this image)


  • thanks
    I could help in that table database that data is stored
    I need to get a report of a ticket with the new fields
  • edited May 2015
    I Think I have the same problem
    but first
    Token CSRF inválido __CSRFToken__
    inválido CSRF [7e7572c09ed32c783243a0bfd27ba9560208037d] en 
    Fecha de registro: Tue, Apr 28 2015 - 21:40:21
    Mail Sending: phpMail  
    PHP version 5.4
    Operating System Linux
    Staff side of the UI
    Every time since I Update to 1.9.8 

    Is not updating fields of my forms it just show blank page.

    Please Help us because I think the Pablo Have the same trouble

  • @alcaldillo if you have an issue please open your own thread, do not hijack other peoples.

    @Pabloaranda I do not see a question.
  • We are looking for help ntozier, you are not helping anybody. 

    Why open a new thread for the same trouble?

    Can anybody help please? 

  • @alcaldillo
    Based on our experience it's easier to troubleshoot issues separately and also often it appears that such "same issues" have different issue source - so it looks similar, but it's different. Therefore @ntozier asked you to start your own thread. Sure it sometimes is really the same issue, but not as often as it is a different issue, just with the same issue symptoms.
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