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How to add "Awaiting" ticket status?

Hi, I'm new user for the osticket, I`ve downloaded the osTicket-1.8-1.9.7 version. I want to know if there is a way to add the Awaiting or Pending status for the tickets.

Thank you in advance for your help. 


  • You should download osticket from the webpage.
    the file is
    After you install it you can then go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses
  • I did, but when in the properties I find only two kind of status closed or opened, how can I add one more status as pending?
  • If you have downloaded and installed the version Neil has mentioned you will have more than just open and closed as a status.

    If you go to where Neil has told you there will be a screen with three tabs being 'Definition', 'Items' and 'Properties'. You need to select the 'Items' Tab. In this tab you should see 5 items listed 'Open','Resolved','Closed','Archived' and 'Deleted'. If you do not see these then I doubt you have downloaded and installed the version mentioned.

    There should be fields available to add additional lines, make sure when you add a status that you check the properties for the status and makes sure it is included as 'Open' or 'Closed' as desired this impacts on how osTicket treats it in the SCP. and if it gets a closed date assigned in the database.

    It is also useful when posting to include the first 4 lines in the information tab under Admin panel -> Dashboard.

  • After playing around a bit more between ver 1.10dpr and ver 1.9.8, I think I understand what your asking. Your not just wanting to add a new status correct?

    You are wanting to set a different 'State' in the item properties for a status to include "pending" correct"?

    I have not yet found a way to do that, I can not find the "Ticket State' in the database and the files I have looked at in the osticket folders are not useful. I thought it might be in /include/class.forms.php around line 1274, but my effort of adding a new state just broke osTicket.

    To be honest I am not sure why you need a Ticket State of pending rather than a Ticket Status of Pending, but hopefully someone else can help.
  • @brianwill, that's it, I want to display the status in the menu bar when is needed.

    bue I'm not sure that it could work for the 1.8 or 1.9 version because the code is a little bit different and adding so much code could bug or generate error in the osticket application. So asking before to edit codelines is better.Thank for your answer.
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