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only Admin can Registered user, not all agents

I have a requirement in our Organization  that only admin can have access to register user or create user, but osticket currently provide us 3 "registration method" which  is
1 every user is guests,
2 only Agents can registered user
3 Any one can register.

I want to give this access(to register user) to only admin or some of agents which i allowed.
Please help to in this regard as it is very critical issue at our end or please provide me code to add this functionality if its not tackle by admin panel


  • Hi all

    Please help me as i don't have any choice, I searched out google but couldn't find any answer.

  • This is currently not a feature of osTicket. You'd need to modify the source code to achieve this.

    That said the coming version 1.10 (currently in alpha/beta status) will have that feature. So you can either modify the source code or wait for 1.10 (no ETA).
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