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Ticket reopened by system?

Hi, I keep getting tickets with :

Status changed                                          SYSTEM
Status changed from Resolved to Open by SYSTEM


Why is the system reopening Resolved tickets?

Johnny B



  • A ticket is reopened if the user responds to it after its closed.

    If you upgrade you can go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses -> click on closed and de-select "Allow tickets on this status to be reopened by end users".  I don't think that this feature existed in 1.9.4 though.  We have a second Closed Status called Close-NoReOpen for tickets we dont want re-opened.
  • ok thanks. So it is the customer responding that reopens the ticket.

    Sorry I did not realise that. it makes sense now. The message from "SYSTEM" is a little misleading. 

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