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Agents with 'Limited Access' cannot view closed tickets

I have several users that are not part of our company, and are on the system only for attending tickets coming from certain Organization.
They are part of a team which is the default assignation when tickets come from this Organization.
They can access those tickets and answer them with no problem.

The problem is: when they close the ticket, they can't ever open it again, they don't have permission for it.

We need them to do this, as they have to report, later, on the tickets they've been working. Theoretically they should have access to it, as they're still assigned to that ticket, even when it's closed...

Is this a bug or should I do something with the permissions?

Server Information
osTicket Version v1.9.5.1 (1faad22)
Web Server Software nginx/1.6.2
MySQL Version 5.6.15
PHP Version 5.4.36-0+deb7u3


  • It is a wanted behavior that the "limited access" does not include the access to closed tickets.

    So you either need to give them more permissions (Admin Panel > Agents > Groups) or workaround this by creating a new department that these people have full access and all tickets that they shall see, must then be first transferred to this internal department. Then it would be no problem that they have full access since they only see tickets which are in this special department.

    We use the above workaround and sure you always need to transfer tickets, but it's still the easiest way I guess.
  • We have a similar situation involving our Teams, where an agent can see closed tickets for the Department they are assigned to directly, but if they have access to tickets from other Departments through Team membership, they cannot see those tickets once they are closed. It would be nice to include access to those closed tickets as well, particularly if they are the agent that closed them.

    Not trying to high jack the thread, just commenting. 
  • edited February 2015
    @blueyeguy , it's OK, that's almost want we want to acgieve.

    @chefkeks Sorry, but I can't see any permission on "Admin Panel > Agents > Groups" to open closed tickets. :'(

    If I have to transfer manually all those tickets, then, I think it defeats the purpose of assigning a ticket automatically to all members of a Team.

    Also, making a filter for each organization is an arduous process and makes the structure more complicated than it should. (You have to create an Organization, a Department, assing user to both, create a filter, be wary of permissions on two or three places instead of one...)

    I think:
    1) it should have an additional security option to allow them see closed tickets
    2) it should be stated that it gives access to tickets assigned to them... except when closed
  • Hi agree with andor.  Are there any plans to fix this up ?

    Unfortunately I have had to toggle off " Limit ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets " just so service staff can view previous jobs.  The down side is that they now see jobs from other teams that are not relevant to them.
  • We fixed this by creating a separate group for each agent (less than an ideal way to do it) but that way we could control exactly which department's tickets an agent could access (both open and closed tickets). We only have a dozen or so agents so, while a bit of a pain in the ass, it was still doable. For places with a lot more agents, I can see this being a bit of a nightmare.

    From a conversation I had with one of the devs (Peter I believe) the whole groups thing will be completely redone soon though so when that happens we may have to find a different way of doing it. 

  • I am still Facing the same issue.
    Using Limit Access, doesn't show closed tickets.
    Is there any solutions how we can disable this, so the Particular agent can view open and closed tickets, assigned to them only.
  • Put them [the tickets] in a department that the Agent has access to.
  • Yes, the ticket are already in the same department.

    I have a single department, say D1, accessed by three Groups, say G1, G2, G3 depending on regions.
    and each group has agents.

    So now i want that agent from G1 should not see tickets assigned to agents from G2,
    is this possible??
  • Groups are not departments.  Groups are collections of security levels (and they are replaced in the next version with roles).
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