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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

[resolved] OsTicket 1.10dev

Hi all!
I'm update osticket from 1.9.7 to ver. 1.10dev on localhost and my ticket list disappeared. =(
What i need to do that he appeared?


  • I have no idea what your asking or trying to describe.  Please try explaining it differently or provide a screen shot.

    As a reminder you should not be using 1.10 in a production environment as its not ready for that yet.  DPR means Developer Preview Release.

    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting
    guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
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    @ntozier  Hi!
    My server config.

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    and what i don't see.
  • 1.10 is still under development. That said I had versions of 1.10 too which showed Tickets (7) but I couldn't see any of these tickets - I guess the best is to wait for the upcoming release candidate. As far as I remember, one of the devs mentioned that the trying to push it to a release candidate state this week.

    Beside the devs also mentioned in some discussions over at github that 1.10 will may require PHP 5.4 as minimum (since you are running 5.3.x) - but I don't know if it will really come to that - just mentioning it ;)
  • @Chefkeks  Ty! =)
    I test it on local host, on web serv i have 5.5 php version =)

    Where i can send a bug report?

    Now i recive email from localhost with db bug (DB Error #1146): 
    [SELECT ticket.ticket_id,tlock.lock_id,ticket.`number`,ticket.dept_id,ticket.staff_id,ticket.team_id  , ,email.address as email, dept.dept_name, status.state  , as status,ticket.source,ticket.isoverdue,ticket.isanswered,ticket.created  ,IF(ticket.duedate IS NULL,IF( IS NULL, NULL, DATE_ADD(ticket.created, INTERVAL sla.grace_period HOUR)), ticket.duedate) as duedate  ,CAST(GREATEST(IFNULL(ticket.lastmessage, 0), IFNULL(ticket.closed, 0), IFNULL(ticket.reopened, 0), ticket.created) as datetime) as effective_date  ,ticket.created as ticket_created, CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.firstname, staff.lastname) as staff, as team  ,IF(staff.staff_id IS NULL,,CONCAT_WS(" ", staff.lastname, staff.firstname)) as assigned  ,IF(ptopic.topic_pid IS NULL, topic.topic, CONCAT_WS(" / ", ptopic.topic, topic.topic)) as helptopic  ,cdata.priority as priority_id, cdata.subject, pri.priority_desc, pri.priority_color  FROM ost_ticket ticket  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_status status
    ON ( = ticket.status_id) LEFT JOIN ost_user user ON = ticket.user_id LEFT JOIN ost_user_email email ON = email.user_id LEFT JOIN ost_department dept ON ticket.dept_id=dept.dept_id LEFT JOIN TICKET_LOCK_TABLE tlock ON (ticket.ticket_id=tlock.ticket_id AND tlock.expire>NOW()
    AND tlock.staff_id!=1) LEFT JOIN ost_staff staff ON (ticket.staff_id=staff.staff_id) LEFT JOIN ost_team team ON (ticket.team_id=team.team_id) LEFT JOIN ost_sla sla ON ( AND sla.isactive=1) LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic topic ON (ticket.topic_id=topic.topic_id) LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic ptopic ON (ptopic.topic_id=topic.topic_pid) LEFT JOIN ost_ticket__cdata cdata ON (cdata.ticket_id = ticket.ticket_id) LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_priority pri ON (pri.priority_id = cdata.priority) WHERE ( ( ticket.staff_id=1 AND status.state="open") OR ticket.dept_id IN (1,4,5) ) AND status.state IN (
    'closed' ) ORDER BY ticket.closed DESC, ticket.created DESC LIMIT 0,25]
  • Okay.  I understand that your saying now.

    Please consult your PHP error log for the error that is being thrown.  If it is:

    PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ObjectNotUnique' with message 'One object was expected; however multiple objects in the database matched the query. In fact, there are 2 matching objects.' in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support.110\include\class.orm.php:943

    Then I think that I know what the problem is.  We can confirm it by going to Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists.
    Are there two "Ticket Statuses" there?  If so thats the problem.  I solved it by deleting the second one in the database.

    open ost_list
    delete the second instance of "Ticket Statuses".
    (this was id=4 on my install)

  • @ntozier Thanks! It's working =)
    Cheers, Evgeny =)
  • Great!  I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved then. 
    Thanks for letting us know that it worked.
    Please feel free to start another thread if you have another question, problem, idea, concern, etc.
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