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alert message overdue on closed ticket

It's strange, but operator receive alert message of ticket overdue SLA also when ticket was closed!


  • Can you provide more info like osTicket version and so on, so we can eventually forward this to the devs since this may could be a bug but could also may be fixed already. So would be good to know some more details. Please see:
  • osticket version: v1.9.11 (c1b5a33)
    mysql: 5.1.73
    php: 5.6.11
    let me know what other info can I provide
  • Maybe some steps to reproduce the issue would be great ;)
  • even this morning it reported a ticket to expire ... that no longer exists!
  • @ntozier
    Please include this thread in your report to the devs. Thanks! :)
  • How can report this issue to devs?
  • You could open an issue over at github ( or just wait since I asked SuperModerator ntozier to include this thread here into his (daily) report to the developers.
  • I've also reported it to the devs.
  • edited August 2015
    I've also disabled notification for overdue ticket in admin, but I still receive email for overdue tickets
    Overdue emails are for closed tickets and deleted tickets
  • Latest release still not solve issue: still I receive email overdue ticket, open related ID, but admin panel say me: ID ticket unknow or not valid!
  • You appear to be the only one reporting this... and I am not experiencing the same behavior on my test installs or live installs.
    Do you have more then one install?
    I've re-reported this to the devs.
  • is the only installation
    Maybe I've wrong something in admin?
  • Ciao Remigio Ruberto,

    Il ticket, #15-428941 è in scadenza!

    Dovremmo tutti lavorare sodo per garantire che tutti i ticket vengano affrontati in modo tempestivo.
    Per questo, verifica il ticket indicato e, nel caso, chiudilo!

    Firmato, il manager del reparto
    Remigio Ruberto
    Per visualizzare o rispondere a questo ticket, collegati al sistema di supporto.
    Ricevi questo avviso perché il ticket viene assegnato a te o al tuo reparto.
    Il vostro cordiale (anche se con pazienza limitata) Customer Support System

    If I click on ticket number, osticket show me "ticket: ID unknow or not valid."
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