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SMTP from shared host


In it states " do not allow the use of SMTP servers located on a separate server and will block all requests. "

It also states "By default osTicket uses native PHP Mail function to send outgoing emails. However, this can be problematic to spam filters depending on your php.ini mail settings. It is highly recommended that you use SMTP instead." A bit more detail would be helpful!

I'm with 1and1 in the uk and suspect I'm hitting this problem as I get the error
"Failed to connect to [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused (code: -1, response: )]"

1) Is there a work around to this problem?

2) What sort of spam filtering problems may I get?

3) What are the settings in php.ini that may cause problems with spam filters ?


php 5.2
Apache server
shared 1and1 host


  • From experience, you really want to use the pipe filter for incoming emails.

    It's really easy to setup just make sure the filter has execute permission enabled.

    On the outgoing side, the php mail function will send through your smtp server... make sure your DNS has an SPF record and you should be fine.
  • John, 
    I assume you resolved your issue?

    Can you post what you did?

    I am using Hostgator and having the same issue with the socket connection error. 

    I am using the pipe for incoming emails but can't get the SMTP to work no matter what settings I use. 


  • "We do not allow the use of SMTP servers located on a separate server and will block all requests. "

    From OsTicket standpoint, is there a reason why external servers are not permitted? I can't think of any. Security wise, it wouldn't also have an effect. image
  • @ragortue I have no idea what you are referring to ... or quoting.  I also have no idea why you are usiong power necromancy spell to turn this post fro August 2014 into a zombie.  So I'm closing it. 

    If you are having a problem, please start your own thread.  And make sure to read the posting guidelines before you do.  Thank you and have a great day.
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