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Update a ticket with the same subject

I notice an odd behavior someone created a ticket via ccing the helpdesk and several others now anyone replying to that ticket creates a new ticket for the same email thread ... Is there anyway around this bug/feature?


  • Make sure the outgoing emails which create the ticket, do include the ticket number (e.g. #123456) in the subject. Usually osTicket tries to match an incoming email via email headers to a ticket - but if that fails it checks for the ticket number in the subject field, so just edit your email templates to include the ticket number ;)
  • hmm Ok I messed up. let me explain and clear it up a bit.
    A user created a email to a few users and CC the "Helpdesk" to create a ticket. One of the users replied the original email (not the one generated to by osticket) and Oticket created another ticket for that reply..
    Got it now?
  • Yes, got it now, but I can't currently imagine how you could prevent that osticket creates tickets in such cases. Will think a bit about it and maybe some idea will come to my mind. If so I'll share here with you ;)
  • edited October 2015
    @chefkeks Well here is one thing when a user reply's to the original email it prefixes it with "RE:" I would assume osticket would remove the "RE:" and check the subject to see if its the same. but I am only speculating since I dont know how ost does the routing of email.
    I would appreciate anything yuou can share :)
  • Unfortunately I also don't know much how osTicket does mail routing, only knowledge I have is based on comments from the developers from the forum and github where they describe it sometimes. Maybe @peter or can help here, since I hadn't had an idea, or you go ahead and open an "issue" over at github and see if there maybe can help.
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